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Harry Brar Law Professional Corporation is a Licensed law firm based in Ontario. We provide services like Immigration law, Business law, Family law, Wills, Estates and Power of Attorney, at affordable prices.



Get advice and application prepared from Licensed Canadian Immigration Lawyer. As an immigration lawyer in Canada, we are subjected to strict scrutiny. We strictly maintain client confidentiality. We aim to accomplish the immigration-related objectives of our clients with utmost perfection. We solve complex Canadian immigration problems through dynamic solutions. It is not mandatory to hire an immigration lawyer in Canada. So, what’s the point of hiring a Licensed Canadian Immigration Lawyer instead of applying on your own? The most common reason for applicants’ failure to seek immigration to Canada is their improper filing of application. The application process is both difficult and lengthy. This is why we advise anyone interested in immigrating to Canada to hire a Licensed Canadian Immigration Lawyer. The reality is, while some Canadian immigration procedures and forms may appear simple, the legal considerations and ramifications that pertain are highly complex. Far too often our firm is contacted to do damage control after a situation has escalated. Many a times, the applicant suffers from huge delays and high cost due to not getting the application right for the first time. The benefits of hiring us range from advice from experienced and talented professionals to strict adherence to the code of ethics.



Legal battles with your family are difficult to deal with. We understand your predicament and lend our best support when you deal issues pertaining to child custody, divorce or other family law disputes. Professionals who handle both family law matters as well as immigration matters will be able to help you better if your family disputes affect immigration or deportation statuses. Whether you are at the beginning of a relationship or at the end of it, we would be able to lend our finest assistance to you. We pride ourselves in providing an expert level of client service, because of which our clients have often commended us on our ability to deal with complex issues with utmost sincerity, dedication and practical way. Since family law matters can be complex, we therefore offer innovating solutions, in order to help you get your desired redressal as quickly as possible. We understand the need for privacy of our clients during their hard times with their family, hence we ensure that they can confide in us, without any worry. We assist and represent both domestic as well as international clients. We are known to provide an integrated service in which during divorce, trust, taxation, custody and property issues are also simultaneously dealt with.



Be it a newly formed business or an ongoing one, a lot of legal formalities are involved. From basic incorporation of the company to advising the company during times of need, we are there to give wings to their dream of owning a flourishing business organization. Even if your company is facing liquidation, we will assist you through the entire process for the same. We also help in negotiating your terms during mergers or acquisitions. We extend our legal services to businesses of all sizes and scales. Apart from incorporation and legal counselling, we also provide for valuation of assets and liabilities for the business, we advise about taxation and accounting laws and help in better legal administration of the company. We will help in drafting all the required legal documents for the smooth functioning of your business. We will further look into your interests of maintaining high consumer satisfaction by providing you time to time assistance in protecting the needs of your consumers. Alternate Dispute Resolution (ADR) have become quite popular recently due to its various advantages over litigation and we can assure you of a sound legal assistance for the same. We will come up with innovative solutions for resolving your predicaments. We value and build a long-term relationship with each of our clients and ensure them our assistance, as and when needed.



It is important to have a plan for the distribution of your dearly assets after your demise so that your belongings are given to people whom you hold dear. Furthermore, the process of estate administration is complex in a person dies intestate. The benefits of having a will are that you can choose your trusted “will executor” and “estate beneficiaries.” You can dictate in what proportions your dear ones will receive your assets. Most importantly, your estates would be managed cost-effectively and efficiently if you die, leaving behind a will providing for your assets. We provide for estate planning and its administration. We also provide assistance in probate applications. We will dedicatedly assist you in drafting your will so that your death will not pose as a financial hardship to your dependents.